Prop Scan is used to optimize marine propellers, reduce fuel consumption, increase top speed and cruising speed, eliminate propeller vibration and match engine loading requirements.

The computerized Prop Scan was specifically designed

to inspect the accuracy and precise hydrodynamic form of Australian, Canadian and US Navy propellers. The accuracy and form or shape of a propeller blade section as it slices through the water determines the ultimate thrust and performance of any vessel.

A Prop Scan Technician will measure your propeller free of charge, check the accuracy against the ISO 484 International Standards and determine the section form of your propeller. To optimize your propeller, your Prop Scan Technician can then correct any accuracy problems, apply the correct section form and also tune the pitch of your propellers.

Prop Scan Technicians are the only people in the propeller industry trained and certified to repair, correct and optimize inboard yacht propellers. You will be supplied with a Quality Certificate that guarantees the quality of our work.

An accurate “Prop Scan” propeller with the correct section form and pitch will always outperform a standard propeller. You’ll benefit from fuel savings, increased boat speed, reduced vibration, correct engine RPM and correct engine loading.

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