New Propellers

Aluminum &
Stainless Steel

Propeller Basics


The theoretical distance, in inches, that a propeller travels forward during one revolution. Think of pitch as speed. The higher pitch propeller the engine can turn, the faster the boat will usually go. You only need to choose the correct pitch propeller for the boat and engine. The correct diameter has been predetermined by the engineers at the various manufacturers.


The distance across the imaginary circle made when the propeller rotates.

Black Diamond

• Quality die-cast 3-blade aluminum
• Inexpensive and easy to repair 

Black Diamond 4

• 4 blade aluminum propeller
• Inexpensive and easy to repair
• Improves acceleration and mid-range performance on many boats


• Ultimate performance aluminum propeller
• 16-25% faster acceleration and superior holding while maintaining top speed vs a comparable 3 blade aluminum propeller

Quicksilver Q3

• Revolutionary propeller that improves both acceleration and top speed on center consoles, high horsepower pontoons, and sterndrive powered runabouts.
• The design consists if high-rake angles and thin blades resulting in the Q3 being the highest performing3 blade propeller in the Quicksilver line-up.

Quicksilver Q4

• The aggressive 4-blade Q4 generates exceptional lift resulting in a propeller that provides outstanding hole shot, unmatched midrange performance and superior handling, all while running at best-in-class top speeds. The new Q4 is the ideal match on a wide range of boat types (Bass, Multi-Species, Fish and Ski, Center Console, Bay, Pontoon).


• Plane the boat faster than 3-blade propellers

• Keep the boat on plane at a lower speed

• Give improved mid-range speed at the same RPM as a 3-blade propeller

• Provide quicker acceleration than most 3-blade propellers

• Run smoother than 3-blade propellers

• Have better holding power in rough conditions

• Are less likely to ventilate in sharp turns

• Provide better low speed handling

• Are not quite as fast on the top end as a comparable 3-blade propeller

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